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Unique and colourful,
Professor Fiddlesticks is a children's and family entertainer, usually to be found having lots of fun at parties, playschemes, schools, fundays and festivals. Two main shows are available - a one hour circus skills show and a shorter balloon modelling show.


Circus Skills
This show is a fast moving and fun demonstration of a range of circus tricks. Audience members are encouraged to try out various circus arts including Devilsticks, Balancing, Diabolo, Yo Yo Balls, Juggling and Unicycle. The full show takes 1 hour but, for public access events, an ongoing show/workshop works well, in the style of a side-show or street-busker.
Modelling Balloons
This show works best with smaller groups and involves audience participation. The Professor creates some colourful balloon animals and then shows how easy it is to do. Those keen to have a go are given their own "ready to bend" balloon to practise on. The others have a character of their choice made for them. After this the Professor's balloon creations are given to the winners of wacky competitions.
Fire Finale
An exciting end to an event is the fire show - fast and furious flaming diablo followed by fire devilstick on the unicycle.

Fun Physics Show
Concentrating on the educational elements of circus skills, the Professor has developed an exciting and fast moving show to complement key stages 1 & 2 of the primary science curriculum. Concepts covered include gravity, friction, fulcrum, mass, weight, length, parabola, inertia, gyroscopes and centrifugal forces. There is still a focus on fun and "hands-on"!

The Professor is experienced with people of all ages and abilities. He enjoys working with people with special needs, including those with learning and physical disabilities and mental illness.
Jester Jigglesticks
For banquets and medieval events, an alter-ego called Jester John Jigglesticks is available, with a range of entertainments and quick wit.


Other Services
Professor Fiddlesticks
has been engaged in a wide variety of leisure, educational, business and other types of event. He has experience of "Meet 'n' Greet", walkabout/unicycle-about, playschemes, nightclubs and charity fund raisers/awareness raisers. He will consider corporate work such as selected product launches, shop openings and promotions.

Professor Fiddlesticks' commitment to a green and healthy future means that he travels by bicycle and public transport. Arriving at an event by cycle and trailer usually causes a stir!

"Excellent rapport with children, especially the fidgity hyperactive ones".
North Duffield Primary School

"Enjoyed the performance...Children were very engrossed and really excited about being able
to join in"

-Tantara Arts -

Professor Fiddlesticks is the creation of John Cossham who took up Devilsticking after seeing them performed at Reading's WOMAD festival in 1992. John is married with 2 sons and lives in York. John's other interests are cycling, growing food/vegetarian cooking, reading New Scientist and involvement in local community activities. He is or has been a significant part of York LETS, York Arts Arena, York Local Agenda 21, AVP York (creative conflict resolution), York Credit Union Study Group and York Green Party. He is a qualified EHO and is passionate about contributing to Sustainable Development. With his infectious enthusiasm, good communication skills and wide ranging life experience, he is an able and interesting entertainer.

The Professor is always happy to discuss how he could contribute to an event or project and to negotiate a fee that both parties are happy with, dependant on the employer and the event.


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